Bachelorette Contestant Jonathon Wears a Mask: See His Face

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The Bachelorette season 21 contestant Jonathon made an impression on Jenn Tran that she’ll never forget — and neither will ABC viewers.

Jonathon bared it all (literally) during his Bachelorette debut on July 8, showing up on a stretcher with his face wrapped in a bandage. Did we mention that he was in a hospital gown … without anything underneath? Yes, the new Bachelor Nation member really did bare it all.

“I’m love sick,” Jonathon told Jenn during his entrance. “You know what they say, first impressions are everything, so hopefully that is one that you’ll never forget. But what’s most important for me is that you get to know me for what’s inside rather than what’s outside.”

On his walk inside the mansion, Jonathan quipped that he was “a bit cheeky” before turning around — and Jenn was hit with a full moon. “You’re really not wearing anything under that?” Jenn asked before covering her face with her hands.

Who is the man behind the mask? Keep scrolling to meet Jonathon:

1. Jonathon Is of ‘Medium’ Height

The contestant made a major impression on Jenn — and America — while also creating a new colloquial term. Jonathon’s ABC bio refers to him as a “medium king.” It seems like the “short king” is a thing of the past as far as The Bachelorette is concerned. (Us Weekly assumes that Jonathon is talking about height.)

2. Jonathon Is a Kansas City Native

While he’s living in Los Angeles, that’s not where Jonathon is originally from. His Instagram bio reveals that he moved from Kansas City. “The best people are from Kansas City,” he captioned a photo in April 2023, wearing a Kansas City Royals letterman jacket.

3. Jonathon Has a Famous Connection

According to his Instagram, Jonathon is friends with Halsey’s brother Sevian Frangipane. “My team against yours any day. Not in a fight because they’d probably lose, but in living life LOL,” Jonathon captioned a May 2023 Instagram carousel that featured a group photo with Sevian.

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4. Jonathon Is a Fitness Influencer

Not only does he have abs — and loves to show them off — but Jonathon is a budding fitness influencer and loves sharing tips for his followers. In February, he shared “5 simple food swaps that could save you thousands of calories” and “food swaps for those late night DRUNCHIES.”

5. Jonathon Is a Self-Proclaimed Romantic

“I treat every girl the same way I would want to see my mother and sister treated,” his Bachelorette bio reads.

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