Did Dave Grohl Insinuate That Taylor Swift Doesn’t Sing Live on Tour?

Did Dave Grohl Just Insinuate That Taylor Swift Doesnt Sing Live While Dissing Her Eras Tour

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Dave Grohl played a concert in London on the same day as Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, a fact which the Foo Fighters frontman was well aware of.

“I know we were joking about the Taylor Swift tour earlier. I know that she’s on her Eras Tour,” Grohl, 55, said on Saturday, June 22, during the Foo Fighters’ show at London Stadium before the crowd started booing. “I’m telling you, man, you don’t want to suffer the wrath of Taylor Swift.”

He continued, “So we like to call our tour ‘The Errors Tour’ because I feel like we’ve had more than a few eras and more than a few f—king errors as well.”

Swift, 34, kicked off her Eras Tour in March 2023 to celebrate all of her past albums, from 2003’s self-titled Taylor Swift to April 2024’s The Tortured Poets Department. Swift is also currently touring the United Kingdom, playing a run of shows at London’s Wembley Stadium this weekend before heading to Ireland. Throughout her tour, Swift and her fans have also jokingly called Eras the “errors tour” whenever she made unexpected mistakes.

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According to Grohl, his band has plenty of errors “because [they] actually play live.”

“What? [I’m] just saying,” he added on Saturday. “We’re a live band. You guys like live rock ’n’ roll music, right?” The crowd enthusiastically cheered as Grohl added that these attendees “came to the right f—king place.”

Us Weekly has reached out to both Swift and Grohl’s reps for comment.

Swift has not publicly addressed Grohl’s remarks, though did coincidentally go after haters during her Saturday concert.

Did Dave Grohl Just Insinuate That Taylor Swift Doesnt Sing Live While Dissing Her Eras Tour

Dave Grohl
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“[While] thinking about [playing eight shows at Wembley], you think about just being grateful for all the people who wanted this for you — and that’s all of you here tonight,” Swift said during her acoustic section. “You clearly thought this was a good idea [and] you wanted this to happen. Blows me away. I’ll spend forever trying to thank you for that, but then on the other hand, it really makes me think about how every time someone talks s–t, it just makes me work even harder and it makes me even tougher.”

Swift noted that she is “incredibly thankful” for her haters as well before she launched into a mashup of “ThanK you aIMee” and “Mean,” both songs about dealing with bullies. Swift later sang “Castles Crumbling,” a duet with Paramore’s Hayley Williams, during the acoustic set, which is a Speak Now vault track about losing popularity.

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Long before Grohl’s apparent accusation, Swift made it clear that she, her backing singers and her band are live as she has stopped performing mid-song at multiple Eras shows whenever she noticed fans in need of assistance.

“This is such an incredible crowd [and] we have so many different people who made plans to be with us tonight. … We need some help right at the end of the ramp,” Swift said during her Friday concert at Wembley. “[I’m] just gonna wait until I see that’s sorted out.”

She added, “You guys are the best. See how fast that was? They really care about you here at Wembley Stadium — and they should be.”

Long before the two musicians’ London bad blood, they once had a friendship with Swift helping Grohl navigate a sticky situation at a party hosted by Beatles legend Paul McCartney.

“I wanted to leave early because I had to get my kids to the bus stop at 7:00 in the morning,” Grohl recalled on The Late Late Show With James Corden in June 2018. “I said to my wife, ‘OK, 10:30 and we’re out.’ We go to split and right at 1:30 the party started getting really good and so Paul got up and started playing this song on piano and it was a new song.”

He added, “It was amazing to just sit in this living room and watch him play piano. He finished [and] everyone turned to me and said, ‘Alright, Dave, play a song.”

Grohl, who can’t play piano, was admittedly “a little out of sorts” before Swift lent her assistance.

“At that moment, Taylor Swift steps up and she goes, ‘I’ll do a song.’ She saved my ass [and] gets up and starts playing this song and it sounds familiar,” he added at the time. “And she was playing the Foo Fighters song ‘Best of You.’”

He also complimented Swift’s re-recording process in a 2021 interview with Rolling Stone, saying, “Like, f–k yeah, girl. Hell hath no fury. Now I’m scared of her! I would be so nerdy and into it. I think it’s so much fun.”

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