Harry Jowsey, Jessica Vestal On Why Their Relationship Didn’t Last

Perfect Match Stars Harry Jowsey Jessica Vestal Explain Why Their Relationship Didnt Last

Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal
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Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal opened up about why their relationship didn’t work out after season 2 of Netflix’s Perfect Match.

​​”Harry and I had a lot of conversations about the fact that he is essentially like a veteran in the reality TV space and I was so new to it,” Jessica told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published Friday, June 21. “We had lots of private conversations with him and his family. He was just kind of my comfort zone, so I was like, if you’re asking for a fair chance, why shouldn’t I give you one?”

The Love Is Blind alum said she trusted everything Harry told her when they were in the villa, but “outside of the show it was more of like, an all right, fool me twice shame on me, I’m gonna have to take that on ’cause I did know better.”

Throughout the second season of Perfect Match, Jowsey tried to rid himself of his “f—k boy” reputation by pursuing a committed relationship with Jessica. However, Harry and Jessica called it quits in the season 2 finale after he was inappropriate with costar Melinda Melrose.

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“I just want to preface that it was a year ago,” Harry said of his behavior on the June 11 episode of his “Boyfriend Material With Harry Jowsey” podcast. “At that time, I just broke my 13-month sobriety. I was going through a bit of a breakup. I was going through a hard time.”

Perfect Match Stars Harry Jowsey Jessica Vestal Explain Why Their Relationship Didnt Last

Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal
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Despite their ups and downs, Harry and Jessica told ET on Friday that they were grateful for the time they spent together on the show. “It was a great opportunity for us to come on again and try to show a little bit more of your personality and maybe a different side of you because, you know, between these shows, you know, we film this, like, a year ago, there’s been so much growth,” Harry told ET.

“You definitely evolve and grow a lot so it’s always good to come back and kind of give the Netflix audience, like, a little revamp of who you are and where you’re going and what you want to do,” the former Too Hot to Handle star continued.

Harry confided in Us Weekly in May that Perfect Match might be his “last hurrah” on the small screen for a while.

Jessica, for her part, told Us that she’s not ready to give up on love just yet, but doesn’t think she’s likely to read her “future husband” letter to someone else any time soon, like she did during her season of Love Is Blind.

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“This time I think I might have the courage to express those feelings vocally,” she exclusively told Us. “’Cause the whole intention behind writing that letter is because I’d come from a place of never being able to be vulnerable enough.”

Jessica added that she had “come out of a couple [of] relationships” realizing she had never “really professed [her] feelings” for any of her partners. “It was like a pride thing,” she told Us. “But after being on Love is Blind, I look at that as my practice for when I meet my husband. I think I would show him the letter. I don’t think I would recycle it and give it as a gift. But I think that definitely led me to being able to express my feelings a little bit more freely.”

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