Is This a Real Photo of Trump and Epstein on a Private Plane?


A photo authentically depicts Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein seated together on a private plane



An image depicting former U.S. President Donald Trump with Jeffrey Epstein, the financier and convicted child sex trafficker who was found dead by suicide in 2019, has caught the internet’s attention. The image shows Epstein and Trump seated next to each other on what appears to be a private plane. Although there are multiple authentic photos of the two together (as we’ve previously reported), this image in particular was generated using artificial intelligence (AI) software.

The image has been posted on numerous X (formerly Twitter) accounts, with one post by account @lisa_liberal racking up more than 348,500 views and 3,800 likes (the image in question is displayed on the left below.

Commenters pointed out the dodgy appearance of the image in other X posts, with one saying: “No fan of Trump, but that picture is obviously fake.” “Worst photoshop/ai I have seen. Do better,” another said.

When run through AI detection software Illuminarty, the results came back with 99.4% AI probability. When checked with Hive, another AI detection program, the result came back as 100% likely to have been AI-generated, as shown below.

(Image via Hive)

Lastly, when the image was searched using the Google Images reverse-image search tool, the vast majority of results were X posts, with a remaining few originating from other social media platforms. If this were a credible and authentic photo, other major outlets would have reported on the photo and we would be able to find the photographer or company that owns the image.

The relationship between Epstein and Trump has long been under intense scrutiny, with the recent anticipation of a court-ordered release of a list of names in connection with Epstein only intensifying the spread of misinformation on the internet.

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