Lindsay Hubbard Selling the 3 Dresses She Had for Carl Radke Wedding

Lindsay Hubbard Sells Her Bridal Gowns to KlinefeldAgain

Lindsay Hubbard.
Kleinfeld Bridal/

Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard is saying goodbye to her wedding gowns.

Hubbard, 37, partnered with KleinfeldAgain to sell the three wedding dresses that she was going to wear at her nuptials to ex Carl Radke before he called off their engagement in August 2023.

“I bought my wedding dresses out of love, and they should still be given the chance to help someone celebrate the ultimate milestone of love,” Hubbard said at the launch party on Monday, June 17, noting that the profits will be donated to The Chick Mission, an organization that helps cancer patients. “They are truly such beautiful gowns, and although my situation changed, the dresses still deserve a second, well-deserving home for someone special.”

She continued: “Being able to turn an unfortunate situation into a positive one, warms my heart and feels like a true win at the end.”

At the event, Hubbard posed with all of her dresses. The first featured a one-shoulder neckline, a fitted skirt and a dainty belt. The second was a sequin design complete with long sleeves, a sheer corset and dainty train. Hubbard is also giving away a plunging gown featuring puffy sleeves and a mermaid skirt.

Lindsay Hubbard Sells Her Bridal Gowns to KlinefeldAgain
Kleinfeld Bridal/

Hubbard’s gowns are available for purchase on Thursday, June 20, at

The TV personality also took to Instagram to share her excitement about her partnership with KleinfeldAgain. “I may not have made it down the aisle, but at least my wedding dresses will! 😉,” she captioned a snap of her with the dresses. “I’m excited to partner with @KleinfeldBridal to officially launch @KleinfeldAgain, a bridal marketplace created to buy and resell gently loved or unworn wedding dresses (like mine).”

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Hubbard continued, sharing that giving away the dresses was the “final step” of her “healing journey.”

“One day, I know I’ll be back with my #Kleinfeld family again when the time is right!”

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