Mario’s Catchphrase Is ‘Itsumi Mario,’ Meaning ‘Super Mario’ in Japanese?


Rather than saying “It’s-a-me, Mario,” Nintendo character Super Mario says “Itsumi Mario,” which means “Super Mario” in Japanese.



On June 19, 2024, an X user claimed Nintendo character Mario’s catchphrase was “Itsumi Mario,” not “It’s-a-me, Mario” (archived here). The user said “Itsumi” meant “super” in Japanese, and therefore the animated Italian plumber was saying “Super Mario,” the name of the iconic platform game series.

“I was today years old when I found out he doesn’t say ‘It’s me Mario’ … he actually says ‘Itsumi Mario’. Itsumi being the Japanese word for ‘Super’…,” the X user wrote.

Similar posts appeared elsewhere on X — where some users claimed “Itsumi” meant “superb” — on Reddit, in a TikTok video, and in numerous Facebook posts in June 2024.

In fact, Snopes found examples of the claim in July and August 2023, and two examples in October 2021. Together, they had amassed more than 5.6 million views at the time of this writing.

However, Nintendo’s website always referred to the catchphrase as “It’s-a me, Mario,” and never as “Itsumi Mario,” which is why we have rated this claim as “False.”

Snopes even found a Mario figurine called “It’s-A Me, Mario™! Figure” on the Japanese video game company’s online store. The product description read:

Kids of all ages will have endless fun with the 12-inch tall Mario™, packed with over 30 phrases and sound effects from the games. Includes the voice of Mario with iconic phrases like “woo-hoo”, “it’s-a-me” and many others!

In fact, there were multiple references to the “It’s-a-me” catchphrase across Nintendo’s website in several countries, including its French-Canadian store.

In contrast, we found no examples of the video game company referring to the catchphrase as “Itsumi Mario.”

Mario voice actor Charles Martinet also wrote “It’s a me” in his Instagram bio, and his account name, charlesmartinetitsame also referenced the catchphrase. Likewise, Martinet appeared in a Guinness World Records YouTube video titled, “Charles Martinet: It’s-A Me, Mario! – Guinness World Records,” on Dec. 19, 2018.

Charles Martinet’s Instagram bio and account name referenced the “It’s a me” catchphrase. (Instagram account @charlesmartinetitsame)

Snopes also found three different movie transcript websites that all said the catchphrase was “It’s-a-me, a-Mario.”

Using Google’s translation tool, “super” translated to “Subarashī (素晴らしい)” and “superb” translated to “Subarashīdesu (素晴らしいです), not “Itsumi.”

Likewise, “Itsumi” in the Japanese language — which is both a Japanese surname (逸見) and a female name (逸美) — translated to “Hemi” and “Itsumi,” respectively, in English.

Super Mario simply translated to “Sūpāmario (スーパーマリオ)” in Japanese.

Snopes contacted Nintendo for comment and will update this article if we receive a response.


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