Reba McEntire Said Neither Taylor Swift Nor Beyoncé Are ‘Country’?

On June 10, 2024, the Facebook page America – Love It Or Leave It published a post positing that country singer Reba McEntire had said neither Taylor Swift nor Beyoncé qualifies as a country musician:

(screen capture)

Reba McEntire put an end to the cute little feud between Beyonce fans and Swifties:

“Sorry, kids. Neither of your girls qualifies. They’re about as country as Michael Jackson”

You tell ’em, Reba!

The post had received 13,000 reactions, 978 commments and 1,900 shares as of this writing. “Reba’s right. Of the three of them, Reba, Swift and that Beyonce creature, Reba is the only one with any talent whatsoever,” one commenter sneered. “And neither Taylor or Beyonce qualify as ladies either,” another added.

This item was not a factual recounting of real-life events. The claim was posted on a Facebook page that describes its output as fake:

A subsidiary of the America’s Last Line of Defense network of trollery. Nothing on this page is real.

It added that its page was “satire/parody.” In fact, America’s Last Line of Defense is a network of satire and parody websites. The pinned comment under the original post alluded to that fact:

Of all the made-up things that we’ve made up, the Reba-Taylor Swift thing was just about the most fun. Poor Reba. She ate it right up and stepped into the role previously occupied by Greg Abbott: ALLOD Big Trophy Fish.

We’ve gotten a few, and Reba wasn’t exactly a target, but it was still pretty funny. I like her. She has that froggy smile. She’s adorbs.

God bless you, Reba McEntire. Just for being Reba. And God Bless America,.

We’ve debunked several satirical items about Swift, or Beyoncé before, and we’ve also cleared up false rumors about McEntire.

For background, here is why we sometimes write about satire/humor.

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