Sabrina Carpenter Walks Runway at Vogue World: Paris

Sabrina Carpenter at Vogue World: Paris

Sabrina Carpenter
Photo by Kristy Sparow/Getty Images for Vogue

Sabrina Carpenter may very well have made the song of the summer – so the pop star was a welcome addition to the Vogue World: Paris tribute to all things aquatic on Sunday, June 23.

Carpenter, 24, made her runway debut at the Place Vendome, strutting in between two rows of models wearing swim caps and goggles. The “Espresso” singer wore a red-and-white-striped ensemble composed of a wrap-around skirt and swimsuit. She matched the outfit from French designer Jacquemus with open-toed red heels and a headscarf tied underneath her chin.

This year’s show celebrated the intersection of sports and fashion through the decades. Carpenter walked during the simultaneous celebration of aquatics and the French fashion house, founded in 2010 by Simon Porte Jacquemus. She was joined in the aquatic showcase by models Kate Upton and Barbara Palvin.

The showcase marks the second time in recent months that Carpenter has wowed in a retro beach scene. Her “Espresso” music video is a dialed-in tribute to the beach culture of the 1950s (and likely why she was called upon for the similarly themed tribute at Vogue World). However, the Emails I Can’t Send singer is actually not much of a fan of the surf and sand.

Sabrina Carpenter at Vogue World: Paris

Sabrina Carpenter
Photo by Marc Piasecki/Getty Images for Vogue

“[I’m] not a pool party girl,” she told UK radio station Capital FM earlier this month. “I made the ‘Espresso’ video on the beach, because I was like, ‘You know what? In like four or five years or whatever, I’m never gonna want to do a beach video, so let’s do the beach video now so I can kind of get it out of the way.”

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Sabrina Carpenter’s “Espresso” is a lifestyle — and even celebrities can’t stop singing it. “My mom has been like, ‘Do you feel crazy right now?’” Carpenter told Rolling Stone in June of the song, which has gone viral following its April release. “I just love that people get my sense of humor.” During the same […]

Carpenter told Rolling Stone that she hasn’t exactly dialed in what her taste is. She told the magazine that she views her 20s as a time of experimentation, something we’ve already seen in her red carpet looks as they’ve moved away from edgier outfits and toward classic evening gowns and glittery getups.

“I would argue that I haven’t even found my thing,” Carpenter shared with Rolling Stone in an interview published on Monday, June 17. “I think this is my thing at the moment — if I feel comfortable in something. If I walk a little taller, my posture is a little better, I’m just a happier person when I’m in something that I feel really good in.”

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