These Self-Tanning Products Won’t Stain Your Sheets and Clothes

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There’s nothing quite like a bronze glow, especially during the summer. But whether you work during the day, don’t have time to tan or don’t want to damage your skin, there are plenty of reasons to opt for self-tanning as opposed to sun tanning. If you’re a frequent self-tanning queen, however, you know the struggle of having yellowy stains all over sheets and white clothes. Yikes!

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It’s a reality many of Us self-tan aficionados have accepted, but luckily, companies have gotten smarter. Some brands have created clear self-tanning products that don’t stain — even your self-tanning pajamas! We rounded up a few of our absolute favorites that don’t sacrifice tan quality for, well, the quality of your sheets.

See our faves from stores like Ulta, Target and Amazon!

Dolce Glow Hydrating Face Mist

This one is a splurge well worth it! Not only does the bottle last for a while, but it gives your face a sun-kissed glow that people will think is from a trip to Greece.

Get the Dolce Glow Hydrating Face Mist for $36 at Ulta!

Tanologist Express Self Tan Mousse

There’s light, medium and dark — you choose! This fast-tanning mousse allows you to rinse off after just two hours (or leave it on longer for a darker tan!).

Get the Tanologist Express Self Tan Mousse for $18 at Target!

B.Tan Glow Your Own Way Gel 

Enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, this glow-inducing gel can be used at any time of day. No rinse is required!

Get the B.Tan Glow Your Own Way Gel for $15 at Ulta! 

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Water

This bronzing water has hundreds of five-star reviewers singing its praises! It leaves no streaks, patches or funky smell, making it ideal for new self tanners and experts alike!

Get the St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Water for $44 on Amazon!

Sol by Jergens Water Mousse 

You’ve heard of Jergens, but did you know the brand has expanded into the water-based self tanner territory? It happens to be half off right now . . . adding to cart!

Get the Sol by Jergens Water Mousse for $12 (originally $24) on Amazon! 

Beauty by Earth Self Tanning Lotion

Instead of mousse, try this lotion instead! It contains natural and organic ingredients that moisturize while they tan. You’ll get a deep brown color with this one!

Get the Beauty by Earth Self Tanning Lotion for $33 (originally $42) on Amazon! 

Bali Body Gradual Tan Moisturizer

A gradual self tanner means you can use it every day if you like! This formula is an everyday body lotion and self-tanning lotion in one. Coconut oil makes it a hydrating find!

Get the Bali Body Gradual Tan Moisturizer for $26 at Ulta!

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